We export top-quality lentils: Whole Red Lentils, Whole Large Green Lentils, Small Green Lentils, Split Red Lentils, Whole Red Lentils and Split Yellow Lentils.

Whole Red Lentils

Also know as: Brown lentil, Lentille, Lense, Lenteige, Adas, Masoor, Mercimek, Saabat Masoor, Desi Masoor, Masoor Matki, or Crimson.

Split Red Lentils

Also known as: Lentille, Lense, Lenteige, Masoor, Mercimek, or Saabat Masoor.


We exports a wide variety of beans. These include Light Red Kidney Beans, Dark Red Kidney Beans, Small Red Beans, Navy Beans, Black Beans, and Pinto Beans.

  • Light Red Kidney Beans
  • Light Red Kidney Beans are medium size elongated beans. Kidneys are very popular beans largely because of their deep, full flavor and smooth texture. The Kidney is one of the most common beans in most kitchens; it is the basic standby for chili and baked beans.

  • Dark Red Kidney Beans

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